Our gorgeous Labrador puppy Bobby

Our gorgeous Labrador puppy Bobby

My partner and I are now proud owners of a beautiful eight week year old Labrador puppy, who we have called Bobby. He is a bundle of fun and the house has been turned into a playroom over night.

Today I want to talk about the healing power of animals. I have always been an animal lover and I am in wonder of nature, both in our green and spacious land here in the United Kingdom and when travelling abroad to see other beautiful countries.

It always tickles me when people have an extreme preference as to whether they like dogs or cats. I love both and any animal as a matter of fact, they are so much easier to understand than humans and their love is unconditional.

Bobby came from a litter of nine puppies, all boys! His mum Betsy had such a beautiful nature, she was a gentle creature and she looked after her pups with the utmost love and tenderness.

When we went to choose our lovely bundle of joy, there she was with all nine puppies hanging off her teats. She would move over to the bowl to have a drink of water and all nine puppies would be hanging on for the ride. What an amazing example of motherhood and the lengths females go to look after their young.

It was a difficult choice in all honesty as all of the puppies where absolutely gorgeous, but Bobby chose us as he nestled into our chests for cuddles and chatted away. I fell in love with him there and then. In fact I pretty much fell in love with all the doggies.

Previously both my partner and I have had rescue dogs. However, on this occasion I am now running a dog walking and home boarding service and it was of utmost importance our four legged friend felt comfortable both with other dogs and people.

We picked Bobby up on Saturday and our boy had grown double the size since we last saw him. His mum Betsy came straight over to say hello and jumped up at me as I was holding a lead and collar, she was obviously gagging to get out on her walks again and boy has she earned them.

Since having Bobby a lot of the anxiety and depression I was suffering from has dissipated as my partner and I are so engrossed in looking after our little boy dog, we barely have time to think of much else.

The reason I say animals are healing is this, as we concentrate our efforts on looking after our pets; so the basis is shifted away from ourselves and onto our beloved animals.

Our ancestors lived in packs not dissimilar to our fluffy friends and everyone would help each other out. I believe we have lost a lot of this in our society and sometimes we need to get back to the basics of caring for each other. In doing so we build community.

One of Bobby’s loves is his snuggle mat. An ingenious invention, in which you hide his treats and he has to find them in the mat. It basically looks like a scruffy shammy leather, with a plastic back with holes in. Great for Bobby’s learning and development.

Snuggle mat

If you are privileged to have a pet then realise how lucky you are, they really do give so much more in return to the love and care we give them. May you all enjoy your furry babies to the full.

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