The documentary ‘Extinction’, a review

The documentary ‘Extinction’, a review

If like me you sat down last night to watch Sir David Attenborough give an update on what the state of the planet was looking like; you will be under no doubt, unless we as a globe act quickly this planet will not be here in future decades.

This is the biggest catastrophe to hit the human race ever and yet still governments are not making the urgent changes we all need in order to reverse the damage we are doing. It always amazes and horrifies me as they must have children and this is something which will affect their kids as well. No one will escape.

Personally, I don’t need a documentary to tell me how bad things are and it is truly terrifying. We all need to hold our hands up and say we have made some grave mistakes. We are meant to be looking after our beautiful planet and yet instead we have drawn from its resources again and again with no thought of putting anything back.

‘You reap what you sow’ and sadly we are reaping decades of abuse.

In this shocking report Sir David Attenborough reports how one million species are at serious risk of extinction. If this happens it will affect the eco system with disastrous affects. We are all connected and what we do in one place has a ripple effect the whole way round the world.

It is time for big corporations and private companies to pay a tax purely back into the environment. For governments to step up to the plate and bring in sanctions and ban a lot of the chemicals processes which are harming our globe.

Covid is a result of us iltreating our planet, I knew it and it was confirmed last night. This will just be the beginning if we all don’t change our mindsets.

I had a very restless night tossing and turning thinking on the seriousness of the situation.

We need to become a planet of people who save rather than destroy and we seriously need to think about our consumerism, particularly in the Western countries. We cannot just pass our waste onto developing countries and expect them to deal with it. We need to share our wealth and give back.

In the supermarkets the fruit and vegetables need to work in turn with the seasons and we all need to cut back on dairy and meat. Personally I have cut dairy out of my diet as it really isn’t necessary.

China needs to ban animal parts in Chinese medicine as this alone is causing so much of our wondrous creatures to become extinct. We have two white rhinos left, a mother and her daughter and once they have died that’s it we will have no more white rhinos left in the wild. Other animals will follow unless we act.

With all the movements in technology there must be a better way to work, to live, to cut down our carbon foot print. After-all we can do so much digitally these days, offices and commutes maybe need to be a thing of the past.

When the pandemic first hit I talked about the huge profits businesses make and I shared how it will be a lot more effective if we skill swapped and lived in communities helping each other. Why does everything need to be around money?

We can all do our bit by lobbying governments to makes changes, sending in petitions, going on marches. I truly believe the children and young adults will be the ones who will demand change in the end and the leaders of the countries will have to sit up and take notice. After all this will be their planet eventually.

Sir David Attenborough is an absolute hero in my book and I wholeheartledy support him and the scientists who are bringing this to the world’s attention.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

The last time we faced a grave situation like this was in the second world war when six million Jews were murdered and good men and women stayed quiet, while people were slaughtered on a massive scale. Now this is happening to our wildlife, our wetlands, jungles, forests. All for human consumption.

Let’s keep talking about this and doing our bit by giving back to our planet. Thinking about the possesions we buy and if we truly need them and supporting the men and women who are out there on the front line fighting this battle for us, so that the human race does not become extinct in the next 30-40 decades. It’s that serious.

If you haven’t watched the documentary then I recommend you do, but beware this is not for the feint hearted.

BBC One – Extinction: The Facts

I still have hope we can bring the planet back to its former glory. It doesn’t take long for mindsets to change and if we stand in unity then nothing can stop us. Our planet needs to be brought back into balance, much like us as humans. Once we work with the echo system instead of against it and make the environment the main criteria rather than profit then we will all benefit.

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