The Truth About Fat

The Truth About Fat

Fat is now the go to diet. Barely anyone eats a diet low in fat. Is it beneficial? Not for your liver it isn’t.

The world is on a high-fat diet, and strokes, cancer and heart attacks abound. Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal.

As you know, my quest is to share about the power of the liver and what we need to do in order to maintain this amazing, miraculous filtration system in our bodies. I am not medically trained. However, I have suffered with liver migraines for years. I have had to become my own expert in health in order to be able to live a fulfilling and migraine free life.

I basically became obsessed by my liver and looking into how my body worked.

When I changed my diet to include a lot more fruit and vegetables and to cut down on fat, even healthy fat, my head improved dramatically. This sounds like common sense right? I was mindlessly eating food without any thought on how it affected my body. I had got caught in a trap. I was doing so much exercise and yet my head was getting worse and worse.

You might ask, what has that to do with me and my health condition? Humans are all made in the same way and when you learn about how our bodies function it becomes highly addictive. Our bodies are awesome and they work hard every day to keep us healthy. We in turn owe it to our bodies to provide the fuel it looks for.

I didn’t give up certain foods due to this being trendy. I gave them up as they were making me sick and my body was rejecting them.

Millions of people worldwide from generations throughout the decades have demonstrated that eating high levels of dietary fat doesn’t serve our health. A diet higher in healthy fats is at least better than the standard.

Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s, can improve when we rid our diets of processed foods. As you will have read in my earlier blog, diet was key to my mum’s recovery after she suffered a major stroke. I tossed out the donuts, cake and biscuits and replaced them with fruit and vegetables predominantly.

Here is the truth: High fat, even if it’s good fat, can weaken and burn out your liver over time. This can, in turn, set you up for illnesses and disease. I am living proof of this.

Any form of fat thickens the blood. Thick blood results in less oxygen being delivered to cells in the brain-because high fat suffocates oxygen out of the bloodstream-and that lack of oxygen to the brain ages it faster.

When we remove radical fats we’re not depriving ourselves. We are feeding our bodies and livers with the vital glucose it needs in order for us to stay healthy and strong.

Reference: Cleanse to Heal, Medical Medium

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