Middle age spread, the truth

Middle age spread, the truth

We are often told everything in moderation when it comes to diet, so many people go through their lives eating what they like, whatever that may be and they still maintain a normal, healthy weight.

Then, eventually, the inevitable happens and the waistline widens with more pounds on the scale. We then blame this on our bodies thinking they have let us down. When in truth what we have consumed has been the cause of the problem.

I can remember saying I was very slim until I hit my early thirties and then for some unknown reason I couldn’t keep the weight off my stomach area. We are then given the false information that our metabolism has slowed down. We need to exercise regularly and eat a good diet.

You can get good results from regular exercise and eating a healthy diet. However, if you are not detoxing and helping give more oxygen to the liver, all your efforts will be in vein.

In these cases of mystery weight problems your liver has become so sluggish that it needs extra special healing support. Excess fat cells, pathogenic waste, excess adrenaline, and/or toxins have overburdened the liver. When it’s in this state, the liver can’t process fat as well as it’s meant to, so fat cells build up in the liver.

Eventually this fat moves around the liver and into the intestinal tract and the heart. Then the lymphatic system is forced to filtrate for the liver and this is when fluid retention can amount for a lot of the weight gained.

The next time you see someone overweight or chastise yourself for those extra pounds, don’t immediately think of pounding the treadmill up at the gym, think about healing your liver.

As I have mentioned before we are surrounded by toxins, viruses and we all experience adrenal strain. Once you learn to work in tandem with your body and feed your liver, the weight will begin to fall off.

Start with drinking lemon in water hot/cold every morning, making sure you give the lemon a good squeeze, before you start your day, this will drain the lymphatic system and feed the liver. There are many other ways in which to feed your liver and your body. Food is healing and when we consume the right foods, we will feel so much better, inside and out.

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