What is good nutrition?

What is good nutrition?
  • Good nutrition is essential for energy levels. Food provides fuel for the body as well as essential nutrients.
  • It helps with resistance to infections and diseases
  • It repairs and maintains cellular health
  • Growth
  • Reproduction
  • Mental and physical health

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates (468-377 BC)

What is correct nutrition?

  • All essential nutrients are supplied
  • Food is whole and organic
  • Food is free of GMO and toxins
  • Food is not processed and cooked using a microwave
  • Food is correctly combined in order to achieve optimum nutrition of the body
  • Not eating to excess

A mainly plant based diet is better for human digestion and keeping the bodies PH level in balance.

Did you know that animal proteins can be high in saturated fat and cholesterol?

Dairy and red meat can be pro-inflammatory. Try to eat these only in small amounts.

Vegetarian Proteins

They have added nutritional value such as fibre and phytonutrients. (I will come to what these are in a future post).

When properly prepared are easily utilised by the body

Associated with decreased risk of many chronic conditions.

As we learn more about our food and the beautiful planet we inhabit we need to work in tandem with nature and not against it. We are all connected and nature is the physician of man.

First use food, then herbs and as a last resort if needed intervention.

I am finally studying a course in nutrtion with the College of Naturopathic Medicine. Watch this space I may be going down a medical path after all.

Stay safe everyone and eat to stay well.

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