The sweet danger of sugar

The sweet danger of sugar

As you will know from my previous post, I am studying a course in nutrition with The College of Naturopathic Medicine. I don’t believe anyone is past learning and even though health and nutrition is an area I am well read in and passionate about, I want to learn more from the experts in their fields. I have recently been learning about sugar, the ow so sweet but deadly table condiment.

Sugar is the single most destructive substance in our diets today.’ NEDL, College of Naturopathic Medicine

It has no nutrients, no vitamins and no minerals. It releases dopamine to the brain when induced making it a highly addictive substance.

If you have a diet high in sugar you are at an increased risk of chronic health issues, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Sugar robs the body of vitamins and minerals making your body work harder to digest it.

Artificial sweeteners

I have never been a fan of these but my mum used to love saccharin instead of sugar in her hot drinks. Sweeteners are made in a laboratory and are non-nutritive. The body does not recognise them. They are toxic substances and considered cellular poisons!

Why is this never discussed in the media? As the companies who make these poisons make huge profits. Be careful who you listen to when an advert tells you something is healthy, as you can be sure the people behind it are the companies making that product.

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A good friend of mine once quoted to me, ‘They are making money out of making us sick and putting rubbish in our food’. Sadly, she is right.

If you do have a particularly sweet tooth try a natural sugar, plant derived such as Stevia, which is native to South America and from the daisy plant. It is naturally derived, has zero calories and does not affect blood glucose levels. Or Xylitol, which is extracted from corn or birch wood, and found in many fruits and vegetables. It contains 40% fewer calories than sugar.

As a migraine sufferer I am particularly careful to avoid Aspartame which is found in fizzy drinks, cakes and sweets. It is known to have a particularly bad effect on the brain, causing migraines, nausea, sleep problems, depression, memory loss and cognitive changes. I have enough trouble with my head and so this really isn’t something I want to take any chances with.

If you can cut out sugar as much as possible in your diet your body and mind will thank you for it and you will have a lot more energy and vitality. Plus you will be saving yourself and the health service a lot of heart ache in the future.

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