Anxiety in Lockdown and how to cope

As I write this we are once again in lockdown and the world seems gripped by Covid. We are all told to stay in and ultimately save lives. There is at last light at the end of the tunnel with a vaccine. However, this will take time to administer and doctors and scientists still aren’tContinue reading “Anxiety in Lockdown and how to cope”

Medication overuse – Chronic headache

Did you know that medication overuse headache is one of the most common chronic headache disorders and a common health problem worldwide? It is important to know how much is too much. The simplest medications you can buy over the counter are Paracetamol, Aspirin and Ibuprofen and some of these medicines are in combination withContinue reading “Medication overuse – Chronic headache”

Thank you to my growing number of followers

I am happy to report I have reached 84 followers. It seemed only yesterday I was at 40+ and then after my ‘Single supplements are best’ article, the list has exploded. I am so grateful to each and every one of you. It is a very special community on here and one I am proudContinue reading “Thank you to my growing number of followers”

Are we moving into a new order?

In the UK, we have seen the fall off some big brand names, such as Woolworths, BHS and this year Debenhams. I can’t help but feel we are moving into a new way of living and hopefully one moving forward, which is more sustainable and better for smaller businesses. I had the pleasure of shoppingContinue reading “Are we moving into a new order?”

Middle age spread, the truth

We are often told everything in moderation when it comes to diet, so many people go through their lives eating what they like, whatever that may be and they still maintain a normal, healthy weight. Then, eventually, the inevitable happens and the waistline widens with more pounds on the scale. We then blame this onContinue reading “Middle age spread, the truth”

Single supplements are best

When looking at helping to improve your health with the substitute of supplements, it can be a minefield and please remember these are not a replacement for a healthy diet, which is paramount. However, single supplements are the best way to go and I will explain why. When you fill a capsule with anywhere fromContinue reading “Single supplements are best”

5 HTP – What is this magic for the brain?

As you will have read from my previous posts, I suffer with mental health issues. I think a lot of people do and some realise it and others are oblivious. I usually like to take the stoic approach of I am fine, I can cope with this and I certainly don’t want any of yourContinue reading “5 HTP – What is this magic for the brain?”

Staying Safe and Staying Sane – the 2020 Way: Walk, Write, Read, Repeat #health #writing #reading #Covid — Put it in Writing

Look away now if you don’t want to read a post with the ‘c’ word in it – and by ‘c’ word I mean Covid-19. Staying Safe It’s probably safe to stay, wherever you are in the world, that life during much of 2020 has been difficult, with us all having to get used to […]Continue reading “Staying Safe and Staying Sane – the 2020 Way: Walk, Write, Read, Repeat #health #writing #reading #Covid — Put it in Writing”

Bobby’s learning and development

As you will know from one of my previous posts, my partner and I are puppy parents to our beautiful black Labrador, Bobby. A lot has happened since I last wrote about Bobby. He has grown double the size and he has been having one-to-one puppy classes with our lovely trainer Sarah from My ComplexContinue reading “Bobby’s learning and development”

Toxic Heavy Metals and Migraines

We live in a toxic environment. Every day our bodies are exposed to different levels of toxins, from mercury, aluminum, copper, lead and cadmium. We all have toxic heavy metals inside our bodies. These gather inside our bodies and build up over time. The two most popular places they gather are the liver and theContinue reading “Toxic Heavy Metals and Migraines”