Alfred Hitchcock and the Art of Negative Acting

Originally posted on Silver Screenings:
No scenery chewing here. Image: IMDb Director Alfred Hitchcock was famous for “storyboarding” a movie before filming it. He would meticulously plan camera shots and final edits, filling his shooting script with drawings. (“A traveling artist’s sketch pad,” one reporter quipped.¹) In his book, Hitchcock & Selznick, film historian Leonard…

Is our body in balance?

Last night I went out with my partner and I enjoyed a lovely steak dinner. Unbeknownst to me, in the peppercorn sauce was evidently flour; as for most of the night I suffered with a swollen abdomen and I was rolling around in pain. I was out of balance. Humans are complex organisms made up ofContinue reading “Is our body in balance?”

Seeing Street Art When Traveling — Living The Q Life

If you have been following my posts regularly you will know I am a huge lover of art and jewellery. I often like to break up my posts with someone else’s blog I have found interesting. Today it is ‘Seeing Street Art When Traveling – Living the Q Life’. The artwork is magnificent and IContinue reading “Seeing Street Art When Traveling — Living The Q Life”

When we reach our goal

As I have shared in previous posts I am on a journey to optimum health, both in body and mind. After I came out of the jewellery world, which included commuting to London every day and often running for trains and sprinting up hills home. I went into marketing, predominately for the money as IContinue reading “When we reach our goal”

The power of the mind

I have been discussing in great detail about making sure we keep our bodies healthy and the various ways I have gone about doing this. The mind, on the other hand can be somewhat tricky. I grew up in a family with my dad in a wheelchair and he would often have problems with mentalContinue reading “The power of the mind”

My Mum’s Writing Desk

Today I sit proudly at my mum’s writing desk. This was a central piece in our home growing up and I vividly remember my mum spending hours sat either writing or studying at her desk. When she passed away she kindly left me this beautiful piece of antique furniture which has sat in my sistersContinue reading “My Mum’s Writing Desk”

The war on the liver

Part 2 As I discussed previously, we are exposed every day to substances that threaten our health. Little do we realise the amount of toxins both in the atmosphere and the products we use in our daily lives, such as bleach, plug in air fresheners, scented candles, alcohol and medications. It doesn’t mean you needContinue reading “The war on the liver”