Farming matters

Farming has changed dramatically over the years. The farming systems used all over the world now are destructive to the planet and us. The way we produce food destroys the soil, mows down rainforests, depletes our freshwater resources, and drives massive loss of biodiversity. We have lost a lot of our insect population and approximatelyContinue reading “Farming matters”

Why go organic

Going food shopping can become a minefield, if like me you are trying to shop for the healthy options. My partner almost groans when we walk down the cake and bread aisle as I often shout out ‘poison, poison aisle’. In fact, in all seriousness that’s exactly what it is. Some of it I wouldContinue reading “Why go organic”

How do we detox?

Today I want to think about how we can rid our body of harmful toxins. Firstly where do toxins come from? Water: Did you know tap water contains an array of chemicals including chlorine, ammonia, flouride and hormones? It is always best to filter your tap water Food: Our food contains heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides,Continue reading “How do we detox?”

What is good nutrition?

Good nutrition is essential for energy levels. Food provides fuel for the body as well as essential nutrients. It helps with resistance to infections and diseases It repairs and maintains cellular health Growth Reproduction Mental and physical health “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates (468-377 BC) What is correct nutrition?Continue reading “What is good nutrition?”


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